Blonde, Brunette or Redhead: What’s the Perfect London Escort for you?

Whether you’re choosing a London escort for the first time or you’re yearning for more pleasure, you may be asking yourself where should I start, or where should I go next?

Many people think that finding a perfect escort in London is easy, however that’s not the case. There are many things you need to take in to consideration before making your decision.

You will no doubt want to be sure that the girl you choose is capable of meeting your expectations, to avoid any dissatisfaction on the day.


Blonde, Brunette or Redhead?

There are countless ways you can narrow your search to the type of girl that you want. Hair colour can play a huge part in your decision process, as its often said that hair colour has an effect on the personality. With that said, we’re going to take a look at the different qualities between each hair colour, which may have an influence on your decision in the future when choosing an escort in London.


Have more fun with a Blonde Bombshell

Since the early 50’s, blonde hair has been associated with glamour and sex appeal thanks to the busty, pin up favourite Marilyn Monroe. One thing that people say about blonde escorts is that they know how to have more fun, and that they have a power of persuasion that makes them near impossible to resist. In a recent survey, blondes were considered to be the best performers in bed. So, if you’re looking for an adventurous time in or out the bedroom, then maybe a blonde companion is the perfect choice for you.


Experience some compassionate fun with a Busty Brunette

Blondes may have more fun, but according to a survey conducted by Badoo, more than 60% of men prefer brunette women. Brunettes are commonly associated with class, sophistication and are often perceived as more intelligent, and so are our beautiful brunette escorts. So, its no surprise that they’re a popular choice amongst men looking for some compassionate fun. Brunettes are also said to be more reliable, with that said you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re going to receive both a professional and pleasurable experience if you decided to go with one of our busty brunette babes.


Perhaps a Fiery Redhead to light up your life

The colour red has long been known as the colour of incitement and arousal. Its often said that redheads have more sex than both their blond and brunette counterparts, and have the highest orgasm rate at 41 percent. Sounds pretty hot right? It doesn’t stop there, redheads have a reputation for being passionate and volatile which can certainly pay dividends when it comes to having sex in the bedroom. Take a look at our redhead escorts.


Find an Escort in London today

Whether you prefer brunettes, blondes or redheads, we have a selection of sexy London escorts available today in all shapes and sizes who will delight in fulfilling your desires and fantasies. The choice is yours, call our friendly team on 02070 60 69 69 to discuss your preferences and get set up with a sexy, hot companion today.

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