How to enjoy a no-strings attached relationship the right way

How to enjoy no strings attached fun

Casual sex has been on the rise for a long time but it’s definitely nothing new. Men and women alike are just finally being open about what they want from the opposite sex so the shame factor around wanting intimacy and nothing else has disappeared too. Seeing an escort at one time was very taboo or vulgar, like a stag night in Amsterdam, but now men are shamelessly owning how much they enjoy escorts. Great news for us.

Dating apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish started for singletons looking to meet their ideal mate or at least a mate for right now. The problem is these sites became saturated by individuals not knowing what they’re really looking for, or who actually want a casual relationship but are too embarrassed to say so on their profile. The other problem is those who are looking for more of a serious relationship won’t welcome the idea of casual sex. Then if you are lucky enough to find someone who’s interested in embracing no-strings fun, there’s a risk you might not be physically or mentally attracted to them in person.

The moral of the story is, if you’re serious about having a casual relationship the right way, it might be worth considering an alternative. By spending a night with an escort you’re guaranteed to receive no-strings-attached sex without the hard work or the explanation. If you plan to do it though, do it right.

Find the right girl

If you find a lady you share a connection with it means there’s potential to make the arrangement long-term. The connection is feeling comfortable enough to be yourself so you can conquer new sexual ground. The only way to do this is by being open with the agency about what you’re like as a person and your haves versus have-nots in an escort. Agencies are like sexy matchmakers so the more they know about you is the better they’ll be able to pair you with an escort. Even if you really enjoy the first woman you meet, spend time with a few more and go on more than just one date with each. Then in the nicest way compare them and how you gelled. Suss it out from there.

Be honest

During these dates, there will inevitably be some ice breaking and casual conversation. It’s never too soon to say what you want but you’ll have to gauge when the right time is to bring it up. Consider this scenario: the date is going amazingly, the chemistry is there and you don’t want the time to end. The escort leaves and you arrange a second date with her to then discover she doesn’t do ‘long-term hook-ups’. Too late, you’d already groomed the idea of her being the right one for your no-strings fantasy. Scenario two: you bring it up from the beginning so during date one, your escort is sizing up your suitability too and gauging if regular, perhaps longer meet-ups, would work. Who knows – if she’s unable to fulfill that for whatever reason, she might recommend another escort who can.

Enjoy it

It’s quite cheeky for us to add this step but it’s true. Most men dream of being sexually and mentally stimulated without any added baggage so this is a prime time to do you. If there’s anything on your sexual to-do list which you haven’t got round to trying, get to experimenting and bring those fantasies out of your head. Why escorts have stood the test of time is because they’re so sexually liberated and welcome talking about it. Have those kinky and honest conversations and then live the dream on us, my friend.

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