Our most experienced escort here at Wildcats. Jacqueline is an absolute diamond, with her striking green eyes, pouty lips, and sensual curves that can fit seamlessly into any situation.

Jacqueline is no shrinking violet and is commonly described by her clients as feisty, but fair.  She is confident, direct and a dominatrix by nature. Over the years she has mastered the art of persuasion and is accomplished at getting what she wants.

Despite her maturity, Jacqueline possesses the same stamina as her younger counterparts here at Wildcats. Jacqueline is committed to her role as an escort, and if you misbehave, you will be severely punished for your actions.

With experience, comes demand. Jacqueline is a hot favorite amongst our clientele, so make sure you book your date in advance to avoid disappointment. Call us on 0270 60 69 69, and we will get you set up on the hottest night of your life.

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