Boosting a captivating smile and striking blue eyes. Jayne has a shapely figure and loves nothing more than showing it off in skimpy lingerie and tight dresses.

Jayne will send you into hysteria with her flirtatious nature and voluminous body. She has a natural talent for seduction and will use her persuasive charm to get what she wants from you.

Despite her own desire for satisfaction, Jayne is a natural pleaser and is completely attentive to her man’s needs. Once you spend a night with Jayne you will feel cherished and completely rejuvenated.

Jayne has a long line of admirers, due to her affiliation with the glamour world. Make sure you book your date in advance to avoid disappointment. Call us today on 0200 67 69 69 and we will set you up on the hottest night of your life.

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