An introduction to Nuru massage

An introduction to Nuru massage

More sensual than sexual, a Nuru massage is an all-body experience bestowed to the rest of the world from Japan. It involves a lot of oil, physical contact and intimacy. Ready to learn more?

Nuru originates from a Japanese word meaning ‘slippery’ or ‘smooth’. The slip comes from a special type of seaweed oil (but you could get another natural alternative gel or oil), which is rubbed over both yours and the masseuse’s body.

When part of a masseuse’s body brushes over part of their client’s during a conventional massage, it is unintentional as they stretch to tackle the next knot. But each long stroke during a Nuru massage is purposeful and not restricted to any particular part of the body. The idea is for the masseuse to use their entire body on yours.

So how is Nuru massage done?

Naked, for obvious reasons, on top of either a bed or massage table, both made waterproof. Most massages will begin on your back while you get used to the sensations of having someone else’s limbs on you and skin glide against yours. Once the masseuse senses you are comfortable, she will invite you to turn over so the same can begin on your front where for the majority of people, the most pleasure is felt.

Why is Nuru massage so popular?

Nuru massage combines all the emotional and physical benefits of massage and tactile therapies with those associated with sexual release. Endorphins rush through your body, it is a great stress and pain reliever, you will sleep better and mentally, be more alert and happier. For clients who prefer a more intimate experience, Nuru massage is proving extremely popular, as it is with bi-curious women.

Is there such thing as Nuru etiquette?

No more than what is expected during any holistic treatment or sexual service. Afterwards, you may be lead from the massage table to a bed, or things will progress where they are. Bookings are usually between 30 minutes and an hour and you will need to squeeze a shower into that time so asking the masseuse to give you 15 minutes before the end won’t be a bad idea.

If you’re interested in receiving a Nuru massage, get in touch today.

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