Top three erotic massages in London’s Kings Cross

Top three erotic massages in London’s Kings Cross

Erotic massages are multi-purpose, tried and tested, and fortunately, widely accessible in London. While a typical Swedish massage will work different pressure points on your body and muscle knots, erotic massages are very much the same but rely on a different body system.

Sensual massages target your erogenous zones and by doing so clients tell us they feel more sexually confident and like a weight has been lifted. For males especially, sensual massages shift the focus away from goal-driven sex which can often put unnecessary pressure on men to perform and please.

Although there is lots more type of massages we could mention, some will go beyond an escort’s expertise so these are our top three types of erotic massages you must try in Kings Cross.

1. Nuru massage in Kings Cross

Slowly but steadily Nuru massage is making its way to the UK from East Asia and in London’s Kings Cross, which is full of international commuters travelling through the rail station and Eurostar at St Pancras, escorts are well-trained in this sensual art. Completely naked – that’s you and her – oil is pushed along the length of your body as your escort glides herself along yours. Sounds messy and awkward? You couldn’t be further from the truth. A Nuru massage will literally awaken all of your senses. It might take you a moment to relax but once you’ve had one, there’s a good chance you will become addicted. If you’re not yet convinced though, read our introduction to Nuru massage here.

2. Lingam massage in Kings Cross

So for women, there’s tantric yoni massage, and for men there’s lingam. Taken from the Sanskrit word for penis – meaning ‘staff of life’ – a lingam massage is rooted in ancient practices. It honours the transformative energy held in a man’s sexual organs but also the spiritual blockages that can impact your daily life without you realising. Because lingam massage has been around for thousands of years, there are several experts hiding in Kings Cross ready to see open-minded clients. The escort will create a safe and atmospheric space with candles, mood music and oil ready for the penis massage which may, or may not, end with ejaculation. There are no rules, it’s more so about slowing the pace down, discovering more of what you like sexually and letting yourself receive the pleasure.

3. Happy Ending massage in Kings Cross

Some men question this one because surely every intimate encounter with an escort naturally has a happy ending, right? Well, no, because that would be assuming every guy who sees an escort wants just sex and also downplays the male orgasm, which isn’t devoid of emotion as most people would have you believe. Happy Ending massages really up the intimacy levels. It will start with a body massage like you’d usually expect, face down and towel on, before the escort will gesture for you to turn over and begin working the front of the body. A Happy Ending massage is definitely not uncommon in Kings Cross or London for that matter. It’s another pleasurable way to de-stress, get in tune with your sexuality and have some valuable ‘you time’.

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