Turn your sexual fantasy into a reality with the PSE in London

Turn your sexual fantasy into a reality with the PSE in London

Let’s face it – most men love porn. Clicking onto a porn website is like being a child in a sweet shop with every possible combination of fetish, location, characters and sex toy there for your viewing pleasure. But what happens when the girl you’re dating doesn’t see it your way?

There are lots of women out there who do bring porn into the bedroom but for some females, it’s just too OTT. The thought of re-enacting a sex scene with one of your favourite porn actresses will not turn all women on. Maybe they’re not confident enough, feel degraded by some of the stuff you want to do, or just aren’t huge porn fans.

Well here’s the news you’ve been waiting for in just three letters – PSE or porn star experience.

Pornstar London Escorts

Escorts in London who offer PSE know their stuff and what a client wants. It derived from the girlfriend experience (obviously GSE) which is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Escorts giving the porn star experience are open to performing more extreme sexual acts than typical escorts like facials, BDSM, hard domination and water sports. Confused? We covered some of these acronyms in an earlier blog post for you here.

There’s no one size fits all though and that’s important to mention. Each escort will have a services list containing do’s and don’ts which you should familiarise yourself with before making contact. Part of the etiquette in this business is not to push your luck but if an escort says she’s happy doing one thing and you’re looking for a slight variation, there’s absolutely no harm in asking. The same goes if you’re booking through an agency. Don’t hold back on the details.

What’s so perfect about PSE is, it can be as dirty as you like with someone who’s equally as turned on by the experience as you. That’s hot. As mentioned before, it is a bit more extreme – just think of the porn stars you like to watch again and again, they’re usually relentless – but there are sex acts lower down the scale you can experiment with. Cum in the mouth, sex in a public place, a threesome – remember some escorts are happy to partner up with another girl or join a couple.

For all of the above, the porn star experience comes at a premium, particularly for London escorts who charge a higher rate than in other areas of the UK, so don’t be alarmed at that. It shouldn’t be extortionate but is reflective of the effort an escort puts in to make it happen and the physical exertion.

Approaching the porn star experience, our advice is to be respectful, liberal and direct.

Our clients tend to regard PSE as a treat, something you do every once in a while because if done too much, there’s a risk the novelty will wear off. It’s also not strange for our escorts to have clients show them the porn they’re wanting to recreate with a few videos or web links sent beforehand. Actually they prefer this because it lays all the cards on the table so they know how to please you.

With that being said, what are you waiting for?

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